Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Welcome To Brown Girls Hair!!

Welcome to the GRAND OPENING of Brown Girls Hair!! I started this blog because I have a 5, soon to be, 6 year old daughter that has a lot of hair! Over the last 4 years, I have had the hardest time finding ways to manage her hair! Although I've combed my own hair since I was about 10, and styled my dolls hair throughout my childhood to prepare me, doing her hair has been a whole 'nother story!! My hair was a nice length, but it was not thick! My daughters hair is LONG and THICK!!

She was born with a head full of pretty thick hair as you can see <------flicker! By the age of 2, I knew that I would have my hands full when I could barley get the comb through her hair and she wouldn't be still for me to even try!! My first find was Carol's Daughters hair milk. Yes it worked wonders, but it was too expensive for me to keep using. I would use up a whole $18 bottle plus shipping, in about 3 weeks. Now, there is a Carol's Daughter store in Lenox Mall, but that's still too far for me to drive for some expensive hair milk!

Putting a perm in my daughters hair was not an option for me, although at times my mind would go there! I just knew that I wasn't going to take the risk of damaging her hair to make my job easier! So my search for the right product to help me manage her hair continued! My next find was the Just for Me moisturizing lotion!! I thank God for you!! Just for Me was my answer! It worked wonders!!

I'm sure those of you who have daughters that are 4 and up probably have it all to a science. Well, all I request of you, is to share the things you have already figured out with us Moms who are still searching for a better way!! Now I must say, I've pretty much figured out how to do my daughters hair. It's simple. Take her to the beauty shop with me and let my beautician do it!! In fact, for the first time, I did last month. I only had my beautician to clip her ends because they were in really bad shape. I don't have the nerve to cut her hair. I'll continue to wash. blow dry, and straighten it myself for now, because I'm not ready to pay for her hair and mine!! I'm sure I will start taking her to the beauty shop soon because she only charges $30 and that's a great price considering the hard work it saves me!!

I can't even begin to tell you the horror stories about when I use to wash, dry, and then try to COMB her hair without straightening it..............poor child! It was horrible!! Til one day I said, Why don't I just use my bevel iron and straighten it?? As simple as that sounds, I had never thought of it. That AH HA moment felt good, but I certainly should have had it a year prior!! It would have saved her and me a lot of pain!!

My daughter started pre-k last year and I got tried real quick of doing the same hairstyles day in and day out. I did a search on the internet trying to find new hairstyles for her with no success!! That's why I'm creating this platform for us to share our styles and stuff.

This will probably be the longest written post on this blog! I just wanted to make it clear what this blog is all about! This blog is created to be a fun place to share experiences, hairstyles, and all things related to doing a brown girls hair!! I will post pictures of hairstyles that I come up with and share video's here and on the youtube channel. I've put together a facebook fan page where you can share photos of your unique hairstyles and just have a good time! I am NOT a licensed or professional hairstylist and this blog can NEVER the place of one!!LOL This is simply a reference you can use to find cute styles for you little one and share your tips too! That's all!!

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