Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Twist, Braid, Snap Review & Giveaway

Twist Braid Snap is an online store that specialize in all of your little girls accessory needs. 
It was started with the goal to provide a variety of children's hair accessories at a great price with superior customer service.

No matter what the hair type of you little one maybe, they carry the perfect accessories for all types! They have head bands, hair snaps, barrettes, hair clips, hair beads and more. Our personal favorite are the hair snaps!!

You can see our review of the great products on the video below!

**This just added** Twist Braid Snap has provided a discount code just for my readers BGH20 for 20% off all products from Nov26 - Dec 2nd!! Yippie!!


PRIZE: We will be giving away one $25 gift certificate for to one winner!
DATES: The giveaway starts on November 20, 2013 and ends on November 30, 2013.

What you must do to win:

You must enter via Rafflecopter below. The first 4 options are mandatory to qualify. The 4 required options are: 1.Visit then leave a comment here on the blog stating what hair accessory you would like to try. 2. Like TwistBraidSnap on Facebook. 3. Like Brown Girls Hair on Facebook and 4. Follow @BrownGirlsHair on Instagram. All of the other options are not required, but the more you do, the better your chances to win. If you choose to tweet, you can do one tweet per day for extra entries. Be sure to include @BrownGirlsHair in your tweets. READY....SET....GO.....
Good Luck!

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Flexi Rod Set on Natural Girl

flexi rod set natural hairstyles black hair women girls
Brown Girls Hair

This is the hair style that I put her hair in after taking down her box braids. I took them out over a period of 3 days (weekend). I started taking them down on Friday night for about 2 hours. I started in the rear and worked my way to the top.  Then on Saturday night I did about 3 hours and Sunday it took an additional 2 hours or so. Why it took longer for me to take them out than it took for my good friend to put them in is beyond me! LOL! 

On Sunday after 2 hours of taking braids down, I washed, deep conditioned, finger detangled (while the conditioner was in) and wide tooth comb detangled (after conditioner was rinsed out). Then I did a Flexi Rod Set on Brown Girls Hair. I didn't show the results in the video because it got really late and her hair still wasn't dry so she ended up sleeping with some of the rods in the back of her head : (! She said she slept good. I made sure her sides were dry before bed because I know that she sleeps on her sides and not on her back. 

This style lasted for 2 weeks...well she's still wearing it this week. I just keep it moisturized and put it in one or 2 pony tails.

I decided to add water to the lotta body because I wanted her hair to have hold, but still be soft and not hard. That made it easy for me to brush (not comb) her hair into the ponytails.


How To Use Annie Spiral Rods Tutorial

how to use annie spiral rods, tutorial, natural hair care, black women hair care
Brown Girls Hair

This is a quick tutorial on how to use Annie Spiral Hair Rods. I show how to use them in both directions. The white rods spiral to the left and the blue rods spiral to the right.

I had to do them a couple of times to get adjusted to using them. It seems hard at first, but after a little practice, they are easy to use. Doing this video was my first time using them, that lets you know how fast you can catch on.

Use these on wet hair. I washed and conditioned her hair first. Then I added lotta body setting lotion mixed with water in a spray bottle to her hair. Then I added Shine hair polisher instant repair and put the rollers in her hair. 

**One tip to remember, you have to use the right amount of hair for them to work smoothly. You can't use a large amount of hair in each roller. It has to be a small section of hair.

I love the results and plan to do her whole head with them soon!


Monday, November 11, 2013

*Madame You* Best Natural Hair App Available

Happy Monday Brown Girls!!

I was searching for a good natural hair app last week and I came across one that I am so excited to share with you. It's hands down the best app that I have seen on the market for a natural hair community. There goal is to provide a platform where you can share hairstyles and discover products with a community of girlfriends.

One of their main goals is for you be able to match up your hair with hairstyles and products that are most fitting for your hair type! Now that's cool!

It is called Madame You. It is very NEW. It was founded by the 3 lovely co-founders of Techturized Inc. Jess Watson, Chanel Martin, and Candace Mitchell.

Watch the video for more information on these lovely ladies!

If you like to get in while a project is on the ground, this would be one to jump on. They are based in Atlanta and are super friendly. When I found the app, I e-mailed them to let them know how much I like it and they were are so friendly. Be sure to download the app and upload your hairstyles to get involved in this community that will soon be one of the best resources available.

This is how the app looks!


Madame You App
Screen Shot of App

MY Profile

Download this App NOW!! Don't miss being apart of this!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Hair Goals + October Goal Results

Brown Girls Hair

October Goal Results

I can't believe October is gone. It went by so fast. My daughter got her box braids on October 4th (Goal #1) and the journey with them has been very successful. She still has them today. They have remained fairly neat all of this time.

Each week I would moisturize her scalp (Goal #2) with the grease concoction that we posted here. She doesn't have any dandruff flakes and her braids are in very good shape. She could probably keep them for at least another week. I did use the braid spray a couple of times, but not enough to give a far review on it so I will reserve that review for later.

Sock Bun Nov 1, 2013

This past weekend, we went to Memphis to celebrate an accomplishment with my big brother.**He was inducted in the Hall of Fame for 26 years of service with his job.** We are so proud of him!

I decided to redo the braids in the front to make them look neater for the Hall of Fame event that we were attending. I ended up doing half of them because I ran out of time. Her hair still looked nice.  I decided to style it in a bun for the event. (pictured above)

Although she could wear them for another week, I will be taking them out this weekend. Both of us have immensely enjoyed not having to comb hair every week. We will certainly be doing these more often. The six hours it took for her to get them here was well worth the 5 weeks she has worn them :)!

Styling her braids (Goal #3) was very interesting. I will have a video posted soon on some of the styles that we did. I wanted to be more creative than doing the traditional 2 plaits, flexi rods, etc. and I found that to be a little challenging because when I did the styles, they didn't look the way I wanted them to :(! I did manage to do a few styles so I'll have to put them in the video series as promised. It will post sometime next week.

November Hair Goals

I am still working on getting my daughters hair back in tip top shape. We have tackled the dry hair and dandruff issues. Now I want to keep the focus on her hair staying healthy. Her hair thrives when there is no manipulation (combing) so I'm going to keep it in a protective style for this month as well. 

I plan to take out her box braids this weekend, wash and deep condition her hair, moisturize it, get her a trim, then put it in twist for the next few weeks in November. (She got her last trim in May). This year I'm trimming every 6 months instead of once a year.

What are your November hair goals? Would you like to join me with our protective style challenge?

Here are a few pictures of the Hall of Fame event.....

Brown Girls Uncle

Brown Girls Grandparents

Just Us



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