Friday, October 31, 2014

Banding Method {Stretch Natural Hair Without Heat}

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Banding Natural Hair

What is banding?

It's a way to stretch the hair without using heat. (blow dryer, flat iron, pressing comb etc.)

What is needed?

Freshly washed, conditioned, and detangled hair.
Wide Tooth Comb
Goody Ponytail Holders
Leave In Conditioner (optional)

*Tips for banding*

You don't have to make perfect parts unless you are doing this as a style.
The more sections you do, the less time it will take the hair to dry. Especially thick, course, hair.
The closer you put the bands to each other, the straighter the strands will be.
I put mine 1/2 inch to 1 inch apart.

I used All KeraCare products in this video. They are listed below. So far, I've found this set of products to work best when styling my daughters hair while it's wet. A product Review is coming soon! KeraCare is my NEW favorite!

KeraCare 1st Later Sulfate Free Shampoo
KeraCare Leave In Conditioner
KeraCare Conditioning Creme Hairdress
KeraCare Overnight Moisturizing Treatment (on her ends at night)

More Info on banding below:

Banding, Does it really work?
Banding as a Hairstyle HERE.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Banding, Does it really work?

how to stretch natural hair without using heat

For many years I was very hesitant about trying the banding method on my daughters hair. You may ask, Why wouldn't you want to try something that may be better for your daughters hair then using heat?

For those of you who maybe asking, What is banding? It's a way to stretch the hair without using heat. You put the hair in sections and put goody ponytail holders on each section from the base to the ends leaving an inch or so between each band. See Video Tutorial HERE.

I stayed away from banding all the way up til now!!! The reason is because her hair was so hard to manage while wet. I would detangle one section only to find that when I was done, her coils would curl right back up and be tangled again. And if it dried in that state, there was nothing I could do but wet it again and start all over....very frustrating to say the least.

When I would style her hair wet and put twist in, the style last a long time but when I unravel the twists, I still couldn't comb it. I would have to wash her hair to style it again. Not to say that I wouldn't wash her hair anyway, the point is ,when her hair is styled wet and dries, it's impossible to comb it. During the drying process, her hair curls up causing it to be tangled.

The twist out below results are cute, but I can't comb them!

 Because of this, I didn't even want to try banding.

Through out my journey of learning how to deal with my daughters long, thick, uncooperative hair (so I thought). I found what my long time hairstylist told me years ago to be true. Products make all of the difference in the world when dealing with hair.

I found the hardest part in this journey of natural hair is finding the products that WORK for my daughters hair. This has been THE PROBLEM and THE CHALLENGE. Not her hair, not the methods, but THE PRODUCTS.

I find that every time I use a New product, it will either help or hinder what I'm trying to do.

With all of that being said, KeraCare products makes styling my daughters hair while wet a breeze. That's what I used to band her hair for the first time and I must say her hair remained soft and easy to deal with the next day.

On the other hand, when I did banding as a style, using KeraCare products, I still was not able to easily comb through her hair after removing the bands. Maybe it's because I left them in too long (a week).

My take is banding works when you use the right products for your child's hair AND find the happy median between her hair being wet, damp, or dry when styling.

For my daughter's hair, it's easier to style after banding when it's damp and partly stretched than when it is completely dry. Her hair is much harder to deal with completely dry after banding. Her being tender headed may play a huge factor in this too because even the smallest amount of pulling hurts her.

Because I have only done this twice, I am going to try it a few more times to see if I get better results. Do you have any suggestions for me? What works for you?


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Triangles & Ponytails Natural Hair Tutorial

natural hairstyles for little black girls
Brown Girls Hair

This hairstyle looks way harder than what it is! This is very easy to do if you follow my video tutorial of it! There are so many different ways you can go with parting the hair from using this as your base.

*Parting Tips*

Use her facial features as your guide. (eyes, nose, ears, etc)
Use a Pin Tale comb to get your parts straight.
Take your time & be patient.

Hair Accessories Used: The Bead Barrette

Always remember you may not get it perfect the first time, but keep trying. The more you style her hair the better you become each try. Trust me, that's how I've come as far as I have. I'm not perfect either, I just do my best and roll with it!

Thanks to Dana and Skylar for allowing me to play in your hair and post it for other Brown Girls to enjoy!

More Unique Parts?


Monday, October 20, 2014

Quick Updo Hairstyle for Girls

updo, tutorial, natural hair, hairstyles, girls, women, black hair care, biracial
Brown Girls Hair

This is a very quick and easy updo that will last for at least a week. You know I'm all about doing hair once a week if possible!

*Tips to Remember*
Moisturize the hair and scalp as you go.
Don't put the rubber bands in too tight.
When you are ready to take them out, cut them out. Don't pull.

More Updo's? 


Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy 10th Birthday!!!!

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you know that yesterday was A Che' also known as Brown Girls Hair, birthday!

She sends a special THANK YOU to all of you who took the time to wish her a Happy Birthday! You all are the BEST! She had an awesome day and she will be celebrating all weekend!

We'll post her adventures on next week! Have an awesome weekend!


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween Hairstyle Ideas

Hi Girlies,

I thought since Halloween is around the corner, I would share some of my favorite Halloween inspired hairstyles that I have done and seen around the web.

Silly Spider Bun

The first one is by Simple As That! It is so cute and easy. Click HERE for instructions!

Cute Hair Color

You can add color without using chemicals or products that have to be washed out! Click HERE to see how!

Cornrows that look like a Spider

This is one of my favorites! Cornrows that look like a spider! Click HERE to see more pictures!

Don't forget to share your Halloween hairstyles with us on Instagram and Facebook! We can't wait to see them!


Thursday, October 2, 2014

2 Quick Cornrow Styles

Hi Girlies,

I just want to share with you 2 quick cornrow hairstyles that I have done on Brown Girls Hair over the past month or so. I did these styles on days that I was in a rush or just didn't feel like doing hair.

These are great go-to styles for times that you just really don't feel like doing hair!

braids, cornrows, hairstyles, natural, girls, black, women, hair care,
Cornrow Style I

braids, cornrows, natural, hairstyles for girls, cute hairstyles for little girls, women, black, biracial
Cornrow Style II

If you follow us on Instagram, you have already seen both of these! If not, follow us so that you don't miss the styles we do in between video's. Plus, you get to share your styles and see the many cute styles of other Brown Girls Hair!!



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