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Washing, Conditioning, and Blow Drying Natural Hair!

**Updated Nov.2012**Below is the most recent method that I am using to detangle Brown Girls Hair. I no longer use most of the products in this video. The only product that I still use is the Fantasia heat protector.


Detangling has to be the most important part of washing her hair. If it's not detangled properly, it will be very difficult to do anything else. At this young age, it shouldn't be too difficult to do, but it will require time and patience. 

Detangling Thick Hair
If your daughter has very thick hair, like mine, BEFORE washing, I would first separate her hair into four sections, two in the front and two in the back. Make sure you comb through each section to make sure there are no knots, tangles,etc. Then,do 3 strand plaits each section. Make sure the plaits are loose so that you can wash her scalp good. See this video for a tutorial. (The beginning of the video shows her hair in the plaits and how I detangle.) 

Wash and condition her hair with the plaits in it. Now you can take down each section and add your leave in moisturizer or whatever product you want to use while her hair is wet. First, use you fingers to get out any tangles that may be in her hair. It should be very few. Then you can run the detangling comb straight through her hair. The easiest detangling method ever!

Detangling Thin Hair
Wash and Condition hair. Run your fingers through her hair while the conditioner is still in it to get as many tanlges out as you can with your fingers. Then use a detangling comb while the conditioner is in her hair to comb through it. 

If you are using leave in conditioner, go ahead and style as desired. If you need to rinse, do so, then add your moisturizer and style as desired.

Cornrows with Pony Tails Natural Girls Hair

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Brown Girls Hair

Cute Quick and Easy Hairstyle with 3 small cornrows!


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