Thursday, April 26, 2012

@TheRealMaryMary # GoGetIt

Mary Mary is my all time favorite duo! If you've seen most of my videos on youtube, you know that I use their music in most of them! I absolutely love these sisters!! Here is there latest video/single Go Get It!! Let's do this!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hair Carnival Nautral Girls Multi Platinum Ponytails

Hi Girlies!!

I committed to be apart of the Copy Cat Hair Carnival that took place last week. I hold my head down in shame because I am a week late posting this due to issues that aren't necessary to mention. The point is, it's late, but I will raise my head to say that I am a woman of my word. So although it is late, I am still posting as promised.

I copied this style from the talented mom of Goldilocks*n*Me! I didn't just use one particular style. I combined several ideas from some of her wonderful styles posted in her facebook style gallery! She has some of the most creative styles that I have seen and I absolutely enjoyed copying her!

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Brown Girls Hair

ponytails, cute hairstyles, black girls, natural hair, 3 strand plaits
Brown Girls Hair

cute hairstyles for girls, natural hair care, black hair, biracial hair
Brown Girls Hair

braids, cornrows, hairstyles, natural hair, twists, hair care
Brown Girls Hair

Thanks Brook, of Untrained Hair Mom, for allowing me to participate!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Inspiration Picture

I just remodeled my daughters bathroom and I am so excited about how it turned out! 

Let me first give you a brief history of the bathroom. It has been my boys bathroom for the past 9 years. We finally finished the bathroom upstairs, so we have relocated them to use that one especially since their sister is getting older and is ready for her own bathroom space!

I originally painted it a yellowish color because I was going to make it a backyardagain theme about 4 years ago...well, it didn't quite work out the way that I wanted it to so I ended up finding some black and yellow stuff at Walmart to put in there...I must say, it was so ugly. I can't even believe I left it in there for that long, but I wasn't using it and my boys didn't care so what the heck? Why worry myself about it?...I just left it alone until now.

We are about to send the second oldest to college this fall so it's about time for me to take my house back. I am going through it room by room to make it like I've always wanted it without having to worry about them breaking everything!

Those with small boys close in age can relate to this I'm sure! I have 3 boys and they are all 3 years apart. Thank God they are teens now...well the oldest will be 21 in Aug. so he's no longer a teen, but you get my drift!....I know what you are you look great!! Thanks! LOL!! Anyway, I'll save that story for another post! 

Back to the bathroom, I hope you enjoy the pictures and the easy transformation that I made all for about $200. 

 I started with 1 gallon of white semi-gloss paint-Lowes $33

 Zebra shower curtain and hooks from Anna's Linens- $32.98
Walmart has it too for $24.97

Zebra picture frame-hobby lobby $12.50. It was on sale for 50% off of $24.99
The letter A-Garden Ridge $2.99
Wallflower refill- Bath&Body Works $6.50
Wash Cloth & Towel- Walmart
Towel embellished by My Mom!
The zebra toothbrush holder that's stuck to the mirror- Justice clearance .50
I hand painted the light switch cover myself!

I free hand painted the zebra stripes myself! I used a sample size of black satin paint from Lowes for $2.99

 Girls Rock Sign- Target $12.99
Zebra Box- Garden Ridge $7.99

Trash Can-Big Lots $6.99
Toilet Brush-Big Lots $6.99

13 pc Zebra Mirror Wall Stickers- Target $13.99

Wash Cloths 5 pc set- Walmart $6.00 
Embellished by My Mom!

Zebra Bath Bombs-Hobby Lobby clearance $1.39 ea
I purchased these more than a year ago!

Pink Flower Knobs- Target Clearance $5.99

 Zebra Rug- Lowes $26.99

I has so much fun doing her bathroom. Now I'm doing mine!


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