Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bee Mine Product Review

Bee Mine Products

In my winter care for natural hair post I mentioned that I will be trying Bee Mine products that one of my kind supporters blessed us with. Well, I finally got around to using the complete set on Brown Girls Hair and we love it!

For the first time, I divided her hair into 4 sections and plated each section before I washed it! I wanted to see if I indeed could really get her hair and scalp cleaner by washing it this way. And to my surprise, it was much easier to wash her hair and her scalp came as clean as ever!! I have a sample size of the shampoo and conditioner and I must say, a little of this product went a long way.

It didn't take much shampoo (which is very unusual) to saturate all of her hair. Initially, I thought that it was mostly due to me having her hair plated verses having it all out, but that wasn't the case because when I used it on my natural hair, it didn't take much product either. So I concluded that a little of the shampoo got the job done!

The deep conditioner worked well too! I left it in her hair for a little over 5 minutes and it made her hair feel soft and well conditioned.

I then added the Bee Hold curly butter to her wet hair and started detangling her hair. First with my fingers, then with a super wide tooth comb. (*Side note* I must say upon opening the jar, we love how it smells. We have the Island Mango scent) I didn't notice anything immediately from using the product, but when I started to blow dry her hair, YES, I blow dry her hair on warm. (I do not recommend using heat on a regular basis, but I do blow dry her hair every quarter, 4 times a year) I noticed her hair was very soft.

Once her hair was dry, I added Bee Mine balanced cream moisturizer. While styling her hair, I used vitamin e oil to her scalp and edges.

Vitamin E Oil by Mega Care

I absolutely love this oil. I use it as need to moisturize her scalp and hair. It smells great and gives her hair a beautiful shine! I purchased it for .99 at a beauty supply store. It's usually kept near the check out counter.

Overall, I give the Bee Mine products that I used 2 thumbs up! It is on the pricey side, but in my opinion, it's worth it! By the way, I should mention that my sons and my husband love to use the products too!! (That's good, but then again, with them using it, that means it won't last as long!) I think this is a great natural product line that the whole family can enjoy! If you are interested in trying it, I suggest you order the sample sizes first(which will be more than enough product for you to get a feel for), then if it works for you, go for the larger sizes!

Bee Mine products can be purchased on their website here.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Raw Shea Butter Oil

Hi Girls!

I just left the beauty supply store to pick up some more vitamin e oil because I'm going to braid Brown Girls Hair this weekend. I also decided to try the Shea Butter Oil! I just couldn't resist it!

The Shea Butter Oil doesn't smell as good as the vitamin e oil but I'll let you know how her hair reacts to it! It claims to moisturize dry or damaged hair and that it repairs and protects against weather damage, dryness, and brittleness! We'll see about that! It also says that it's good on the body too! I'll let you know if it gives my legs that baby oil shine!

I'm writing this post on the go so please excuse any boo boos you may come across!

We hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

-Brown Girls Hair

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Winter Care for Natural Hair

Happy Tuesday Girls!

I mentioned to one of my sweet supporters that I wanted to try some Bee Mine products since I've heard so much about them and she blessed us with some products from their line! She asked that I not mention her name and I won't, but I do want to send a BIG "THANKS" shout out to her!!

Bee Mine Products

This winter I am going try several products from the Bee Mine line along with a vitamin e oil that I picked up from a beauty supply store!

Vitamin E Oil by Mega Care

I started using this oil on Brown Girls hair a month ago and her hair loves it! I can literally see her hair soaking it up! It keeps her hair moisturized and gives it an incredible shine AND it smells great! The first time I used it, my daughter was like OOHHH Mommie that smells GOOD! I like it!

Our Products for Winterized Hair

I have 3 tips for you:

1. Deep Contitioning- be sure to show her hair much love and extra attention by deep conditioning.
2. Moisturize
3.Protective Styles- this is the perfect time of the year for protective styles with the holidays coming up, who wants to spend it combing hair?

I'll let you know in a review post how the Bee Mine products work on my daughters hair!

How will you be caring for your daughters hair this winter?

-Brown Girls Hair

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cute Natural Pony Tail with a Twist!

natural hair, hairstyle for girls, ponytail, cornrows, tutorial

First, part the hair as above to make 3 sections. The two sections in the front will be pony tails.
cute hairstyles for girls, ponytails, natural hairstyles, hair care
Right Side (pony tail)

cute hairstyles for girls, tutorial, brown girls hair, natural hair care
Left Side (pony tail)

Now you are going to make the part for your cornrows. Go along the outline of the part that's already there for the pony tail and work your way around the head as below. Do the same thing for both sides.

cornrow, tutorial, black girls hair, natural hair care, hairstyles
Brown Girls Hair

how to cornrow, natural hair care, girls, kids, hairstyles
Brown Girls Hair

natural hairstyles for girls, ponytails, braids, cornrows
Brown Girls Hair

hairstyles for girls, natural hair care, black hair, african american
Brown Girls Hair

cute hairstyles for girls, cornrows, braids, ponytails
Brown Girls Hair

cornrows, braids, kids hair, black girls, girls hairstyles
Brown Girls Hair

Next, include the cornrows in the pony tail like the picture above. If her hair isn't long enough to go into the pony tail, use a barrette or the like to clamp the braids in place.

cute hairstyles for girls
Brown Girls Hair

twists, natural hair, natural hairstyles, girls, biracial, black
Brown Girls Hair

Last, I twisted the hair that's in the pony tail. That's it! 
Let us see your hair style pictures on our facebook page!

Here are more pictures of the style in the youtube video below!

This article is featured on CurlyNikki HERE!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Fun!

Hi Girls!!

I decided to share some pictures of our fun filled Halloween festivities this past weekend!!

My husband and I attended a costume party Sat. night. He was Fred Sanford and I was suppose to be Aunt Ester! But when I got there everybody was calling me Celie from the Color Purple! LOL!!

We had a ball! My Hubby even won the costume contest and brought home $50 for his thrift store ensemble! I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Fred Sanford & Aunt Ester (Celie)

Aunt Ester or Celie?

Go Fred Go!

The Costume Contest Winner

Here are some of the other fun costumes!

What did you do? Click the links to my blogger friends below to see their pictures!


Got Halloween photos to share? Get the linky code and link up!

-Brown Girls Hair


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