Friday, November 14, 2014

The Knot Genie Review

*PLEASE NOTE*Although this post is sponsored, ALL opinions are my own.

I have found the perfect product to add to our detangling process. If you are looking for an aide to your detangling process, look no further. The Knot Genie is available for you to try!

First here's a little history, The Knot Genie was created by Rikki Mor, Mom to 3 daughters. Through her frustration of fighting with her daughters while trying to detangle their hair, she searched high and low to find a brush or something that would help make hair time easier. After coming up empty handed, The Knot Genie was born. 

The Original Knot Genie

What makes the Knot Genie different? It has varying lengths of teeth on the brush. While brushing, the bristles gently bend to unravel even the most stubborn knots. This brush has a unique cloud shape to fit the palm of the had which makes it a more comfortable hair brushing experience.

The original Knot Genie is shaped like a cloud and they have added 2 more brushes to the family. The Teeny Genie (a travel size Knot Genie) and a Genie Supreme (a Knot Genie with a handle).

The Teeny & Original Knot Genies

I have put all of these brushes to the test and here's what I found:

They ALL REALLY DO WORK! No fluff, No exaggeration, No lie!

The Knot Genie ($14.99-$19.99) is the large original version of the brush. I easily brushed through LARGE sections of hair at one time. It was very easy to hold and caused no pain while it detanlged her hair. See Video Below.

The teeny genie Knot Genie ($14.99) is a smaller version of the original Knot Genie. It's easier to use on small sections of hair or on a toddlers head. It's also the perfect size for travel.

The Supreme Genie ($22.99) is just like the other 2 except it has a handle. The brush is about the size of the teeny genie. I found this one very easy to use as well. This is the one that I used on my hair.

The Supreme Genie

I was genuinely surprised at how these brushes work. There were very few hair strands lost during the detangling process with them. (I have never detangled without losing a strand or two. I think that is normal.)

The process was PAINLESS for me and my tender headed child. These brushes also decreased the amount of time that it took me to detangle both of our heads of hair, especially my daughters.

I also used this brush on her scalp while I washed her hair and it helped clean her scalp.

There are not many products that I endorse, but I really do recommend this brush for anyone who is currently having a hard time with the detangling process. I am still in Ahhh at how they work.

You can get $7 OFF any Knot Genie brush with Coupon Code BGH7. Good NOW-December 31, 2014! Get yours TODAY! That means you can try the original genie with this coupon code for only $7.99+shipping. Purchase it HERE. I promise you will not be disappointed.

*PLEASE NOTE*Although this post is sponsored, ALL opinions are my own. 

Video Review


Friday, November 7, 2014

Banding Hairstyle Tutorial

banding, natural, girls, hair, stretch, no heat, straightening, black hair
Natural Hair Banding

This tutorial shows how to use the banding method as a hairstyle.

Supplies Needed:
Freshly Washed Wet Hair
Goody Ponytail Holders
Wide Tooth Comb
Moisturizer of your choice. I used Kera Care Products.

1. Start at the rear of her head. Make a straight part from below her ear across to the other ear.
2. Take the middle part of the bottom section and make 4 squares and banded each.
3. Make a straight part down the right side of her head.
4. Make a square section, put a band on it and let the ponytail hang.
5. Make another square behind it, added the ponytail from the previous square, and added the band.
6. Repeat steps 4-5 until you get to the rear of her head.
7. Start at step 3 for the next section and continue until you have finished her entire head.

You can be creative with the parts. You don't have to do them straight back. Use your imagination and have fun with it!

More Banding.......



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