Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hair Carnival Nautral Girls Multi Platinum Ponytails

Hi Girlies!!

I committed to be apart of the Copy Cat Hair Carnival that took place last week. I hold my head down in shame because I am a week late posting this due to issues that aren't necessary to mention. The point is, it's late, but I will raise my head to say that I am a woman of my word. So although it is late, I am still posting as promised.

I copied this style from the talented mom of Goldilocks*n*Me! I didn't just use one particular style. I combined several ideas from some of her wonderful styles posted in her facebook style gallery! She has some of the most creative styles that I have seen and I absolutely enjoyed copying her!

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Brown Girls Hair

ponytails, cute hairstyles, black girls, natural hair, 3 strand plaits
Brown Girls Hair

cute hairstyles for girls, natural hair care, black hair, biracial hair
Brown Girls Hair

braids, cornrows, hairstyles, natural hair, twists, hair care
Brown Girls Hair

Thanks Brook, of Untrained Hair Mom, for allowing me to participate!



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