Wednesday, July 24, 2013

No More Suave for Us

TRESemme' Shampoo

I've officially changed our regular shampoo and conditioner from Suave to TRESemme'. Suave was my "go-to" shampoo and conditioner for my daughter when I would run out of Cara B or whatever natural shampoo that I was using at the time on my daughters hair.

On the other hand, it was the ONLY shampoo and conditioner that I used on MY hair all of the time for as long as I can remember. The reason I used it on my hair is because 1. it worked and 2. it was cheap...yep I said it, it was cheap!

Why did I decide to make this change?

Last month(June 2013), I went on a vacation with my husband and several other couples. Because we were flying and I was only taking a carry on, all of my liquids had to be in 3oz bottles. Well that meant I had to either purchase shampoo and conditioner in 3 oz containers or I had to bottle my own products into 3oz travel bottles.

Well, I was not about to bottle up anything. I went to the travel section in Walmart and the only shampoo and conditioner that was in 3oz travel bottles was TRESemmee'. I looked and looked and looked for some Suave and couldn't find any so I was like ok, this will give me the opportunity to try this product that I probably won't have if I wasn't in this situation.  I grabbed a couple of the shampoos and 3 of the conditioners.

While on vacation, I used them and loved them both. I found that just one wash with the shampoo was enough to clean my hair because when I washed more than one time, it stripped my hair more than I liked. It really didn't matter because when I applied the conditioner, I loved the way it made my hair feel. It was so smooth and silky feeling. I could really feel the moisture being added back into my hair.

After using it while on vacation, I was sold. When I returned home, I purchased the largest bottles that I could find of the shampoo and conditioner. I was so glad that I found a great product that works for us and doesn't cost a arm and a leg! I will definitely use the conditioner way more than the shampoo but they are both great products in my book!

Do you use any TRESemme' products? Which are your favorites?

TRESemme' Conditioners

Brown Girls Hair


  1. I decided to try it again after remembering how well it did my hair in the past also the new moisture rich formula and how much you get for the price. I think we will be using this from now on.

    1. Yes! You get so much product and it works great for such a small price! I love that!



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