Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Natural Hair Bun & Bow Updo Tutorial

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Brown Girls Hair

This hairstyle was inspired by a picture I saw on Pintrest below. You can go to the website of the original tutorial HERE. I left out the plait that goes around the bun because I like the style without it.


Ponytail Holder
Sock Bun/Hair Donut
Bobby Pins


1. Put hair in a high ponytail.

2. Put hair into bun leaving the excess hair hanging in the front, back, or on the side based on where you want the bow to be. If your child has short hair, use a small bun. She can rock this too!

3. Separate the hanging hair into 3 sections. The 2 sections on the sides should be thick and equal in size. The section in the middle should be smaller than the 2 sections.

4. Using your fingers as rollers, roll the left section of hair around your fingers forming the left side of the bow. Pin it into place with your bobby pins.

5. Do the same thing with the right section that you did above with the left section.

6. 3 strand plait the middle section then roll it around itself to look like a flower in the middle.

7. Add hair accessory to the middle of the flower and/or around the bun, if desired.


This style is perfect for a flower girl or any special occasion.

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