Thursday, April 24, 2014

My "MUST HAVES" Natural Hair Survival Kit!

Happy Thursday Brown Girls!

Conditioning with TRESemme'

I had one of our lovely Moms, who follows our channel, to send me a note today on Google+. Here's a small excerpt of her issue:

I am currently raising an 8 year old granddaughter and am not very hair savvy and with so many products to choose from and such a tight budget as I currently have, it has been very challenging trying to find the right techniques and products. Thanks to you and a few others who make little girl hair care vids, I have finally gotten her hair and scalp a little healthier, (scalp used to be extremely dry). Now I am working on her hair texture. Having difficulty keeping the moisture in. But I was amazed when I washed it this past weekend at how "thick it has gotten! Please continue doing your videos because I am so very tempted to get this child a perm!! But every time I look at your vids, I am encouraged, it is just difficult when you can't really afford the products, at least I am not out just spending willy-nilly and finding out that things that I spent a mint on don't work for her. Today I was looking at the As I am and the Shea moisture lines. I am still confused about these curly pudding and curl meringue products. I am always thinking these manufacturers are just trying to get you by making the product sound like yummy foods. If you have any suggestions of what main items I should get, I appreciate it.

I responded to her, but I also told her that I would put more information in a blog post. So here it is!

These are my suggestions of MUST HAVE PRODUCTS for girls with THICK COURSE NATURAL HAIR. Because this is the type of hair that my daughter has, I am going to share with you the products that I can't live without. Let me repeat, These are the products THAT I can't live without.

With that being said, I know that my list will not work for everyone, but I am sharing the must haves that work best for US on our journey :)!

Please READ the paragraph below FIRST!

**I am NOT including any high end product on this list which means that this list does not contain ALL of the products that we NEED, it just contains the products that I would want if we were stranded on an island somewhere. This list only includes inexpensive products that I keep on hand at all times. When my money is funny, I can survive with these items! LOL**

Hair Products

1. TRESemme' Conditioner- makes detangling a breeze period!
2. Just for Me Moisturizer- when all else fails, this always works for us! Clears up her dry hair with the quickness!

Hair Supplies

1. Wide Tooth Comb- it's impossible to detangle her hair without one!
2. Rat Tail Comb- to make straight parts.

That's really it! You notice I don't have a bunch of hair products on my list. Why? because it really doesn't take all of that to survive. Sometimes the basics are enough.

What are the MUST have items for your daughters hair?



  1. Hair products we have our cheapie conditioner for detangling and tresemme for shampooing and shea moisture. Ditto on the tools--- rat tail comb, wide tooth comb, satin bonnet,

    I am so glad I found your site. Your daughter's hair is beautiful. I am showing my baby her hair as soon as she gets up from nap time. My baby is 3 and lately has been coming home from preschool saying "I want long hair like my friends in one big ponytail." Not us with the thick thick hair. I will be regularly reading so I can learn what all you have done.

    1. Hi Marisa! Thanks for sharing your must haves! Focus on keeping her hair healthy and the growth will follow!

  2. My daughter is 14months old.. is she too young for Just for me.. Also she is allergic to coconut oil! EVERYTHING has coconut oil in it!



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