Monday, April 13, 2015

Kids Fun Summer Outdoor Activities for $1

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A'Che & her chalk!

My daughter, A'Che, loves Spring & Summer Time!! One reason is because the weather is so nice which allows her to play outside AND she knows that school is almost out!! One of her favorite summer activities is playing with chalk in the driveway, on the sidewalk, and even on her trampoline!

4 Pc Chalk Holder

The great thing about chalk is that it only cost $1 at Dollar Tree! The cute 4 piece chalk holder, the 20 pieces of chalk, and the 6pc egg chalk were all $1 each!! You can't beat that for great outside time with your kids!!

6 Piece Egg Shaped Chalk

20 pc Sidewalk Chalk

Chalk is great for girls and boys! Boys can draw fun pictures and they can also play Tic-Tac-Toe!! A'Che's favorite things to draw are hopscotch and jelly fish!! LOL

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A'Che's Hopscotch

You can get the rules of how to play hopscotch HERE!

A'Che's Jelly Fish

She also loves the bubbles that come in the cute ice cream cones! Careful, because they smell like delicious treats!! They come 3 to a pack at $1 per pack!! Now that's loads of fun for only $1!!

A bonus activity that my daughter and I also like to do is hula hooping!! We have competitions to see who can do it the longest!! Soo much fun in the sun!!

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Brown Girls Style

In this day and age where kids are stuck to their i pads, computers, tv's, game consoles, and cellphones, these are a few fun and inexpensive things that you can do with your kids OUTSIDE that's great for all ages!


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