Thursday, October 10, 2013

Natural Hair Dry Scalp Treatment

Remember a few weeks ago I shared with you about my daughters hair changing? You can read about it HERE. My Sis Thalia shared with me a easy solution to our dry scalp/hair problem.

I never would have thought about using grease. Why? Because my hair hates grease. A BIG mistake on my part. I let my hair issues carry over to my daughter's hair issues. What my hair hates is exactly what her hair needs and loves! #LessonLearned

Thalia told me exactly what to do. Get some Blue Magic Grease or Sulfer 8 Medicated, Grapeseed oil or any carrier oil of your choice, and some peppermint essential oil or you can get real peppermint flakes from the seasoning section in the grocery store, mix them together and oil her scalp and ends.

Let me tell you when I applied this to her scalp it SMILED (shined) at me and said THANK YOU!! My daughter even said oohhh this feels so good! I was very happy that it was the answer, but at the same time I was kicking myself for allowing my hair NO's to get in her way. That's another post for another day.

I grease her scalp every other day and let me tell you, I am so thankful that Thalia gave me the answer to our dry scalp issues.

Do you use grease? What's your favorite grease to use?

You can watch the video of me making the mixture and oiling her scalp HERE!



  1. We use the Black Magic Organic with japanese herbs. Let me tell you, it really IS magic. Can't live without it for my daughter (I also don't use grease on my scalp). Glad you found a solution!

    1. Nicole thanks for the information. I'm sure it will help someone.



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