Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Roots Only Comb Applicator Bottle Review

Roots Only Bottle

I purchased my roots only bottle at a local Sally's store for $6.99.

The Roots Only comb applicator bottle claims to offer the following benefits:
*evenly distributes solutions so you use less
*no parting or sectioning required
*apply evenly in hard to reach areas

These are the instructions for how to use the bottle:

Scalp conditioning easy as 1,2,3!
1 Add desired amount of oil/conditioner to roots only applicator bottle
2 Comb and squeeze to condition scalp and roots
3 style and go for gorgeous hair

Hair color
1 mix solution and apply by combing to scalp and new growth
2 process and rinse per manufacturer's instructions
3 style and go for gorgeous hair


Did the bottle evenly distribute the oil so that less oil was used?

Yes!! The bottle evenly distributed the oil causing me to use less and it really works!!

Was parting and sectioning required?

No. I did not have to part or section her hair to comb through it with the bottle. Before using the bottle, I took my daughters hair down, combed through it, and let it hang. Then, I used the bottle to comb the oil through with no problem at all. 

Roots Only Bottle

Did the oil apply evenly in hard to reach areas?

Because I'm not using the bottle on my hair, there are no hard to reach areas. The oil did apply evenly to my daughters hair.

My thoughts......

I really like using this bottle and will continue to use it to oil my daughters hair. It works wonderfully!!
I like that the bottle has the measurements on it because I can see how much oil I am using each time. The bottle holds up to 4oz of oil.

I will also purchase another bottle and use it to distribute leave-in conditioner in my daughters hair on wash day!!

If I ever decide to be bold and add highlights to my hair, I will use this bottle to do it!! I do recommend this product, especially to those who have a lot of hair to oil. It's truly a life saver!!




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