Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jazzy Ponytail Hairstyle for Girls

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Brown Girls Hair

You can view a live video of this style here!


  1. Thats exactly how I want my daughters Hair to look. Its natural & looks that way when Flat ironed What products do you use. My daughters hair is not even and it seems shorter. It's been really hard for me to take care of her hair becuz she screams when it's being done. Please help!!!!

  2. Mia, you can find products we use here

    How old is your daughter?

    1. She's five and I mean when I just MENTION combing her hair she frowns, go hides, say she sleepy I mean its really a challenge. She likes to just keep it out but it tangles and can only be worn that way for a day or two. After that its time to tame it!!:-) I'm gonna try those products. Thanks!

  3. I remember those days...hopefully she'll grow out of it once she understands that getting her hair combed is apart of being a little girl. My daughter still has her moments but it's much better than it was.



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