Thursday, March 6, 2014

DIY-Bling Party Decorations Using Dollar Store Items

I recently celebrated a milestone birthday and I wanted to share the decorations that I made for my mixer. I love arts and crafts and every now and then, I like to share my creations with those of you who share that same passion!

This made my dollar store finds look like I spent way more on them than I did! Balling on a Budget indeed!

I did this entire project for less than $1 per item. The most expensive item is the Jewel Ribbon which can be used for so many other projects.

This project was very easy and took less than an hour to do. All of the items used were purchased at my local Dollar Tree except the ribbon and glue.

The items that you need are:

Plastic Champagne Flutes (2/$1) HERE
Diamond Mesh Jewel Ribbon ($8.12 per Roll) HERE
Clear Plastic Tongs (4/$1) HERE
3 Section Plastic Compartment ($1 each) HERE
E6000 Glue ($5-$6) HERE or Any retail store.

Champagne Flute Directions:

First, determine what you want the width of ribbon that you are going to glue around the top of the flutes to be. I choose to make my width 3 rows wide.

Then measure the circumference of the flute and cut the ribbon to match that measurement.

Now this is the part that can be very messy. Put the glue on the back of the ribbon and place the ribbon around the glass. To make this process easy use a small paint brush or a toothpick to apply the glue.

**Try to make sure you are gluing the ribbon the same distance from the top of the glass onto each glass so that when you put them side by side, the ribbons line up. (see picture above)

Do the same steps for the ribbon that is glued to the base of the glass.

Tong Directions:

Measure the length of the tong from the left side to the right. Cut one piece of ribbon equal to the length of the tong.

Measure the width of the tong. The width of my tongs was equal to 3 rows of ribbon.

Cut rows of the ribbon to equal the width of the tong. (I cut mine 3 rows wide) see picture above.

Apply glue to the ribbon and attach it to the tong.

3 Section Compartment Directions:

Measure the divider sections from top to bottom and the width. Cut ribbon equal to your measurements length and width. (I cut my ribbon 2 rows wide) Apply glue and attach. 

Happy Crafting!


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