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Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

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Brown Girls Hair

Okay! This is my very first time wearing hair extensions and installing them myself. I have worn weave only one other time in my life back in 2010 when I got braids for a cruise.

Irresistible Me

This is totally out of the box for me. I must admit, I am totally excited about trying it to see how it will look in my hair. It's funny because when I opened the package, I left the hair sitting on the table and my hubby walked by and said, "I know you didn't buy this weave!" LOL!!

This review will give my honest opinion of:

The Quality of the Hair
The Quantity of Hair
Ease of Use
Ease of Styling

The Quality of the Hair

Irresistible Me has two ranges of clip in hair extensions: Silky Touch and Royal Remy Hair. 

Silky Touch is 100% natural Remy hair. These extensions represent great value for money and can be very easily styled and curled to blend in your hair perfectly.

Royal Remy is top of the line and comes from just one donor with virgin unprocessed hair. Then it's colored to one of the 14 colors available at Irresistible Me. Additionally, a special treatment unique to Irresistible Me is added for extra silkiness and durability. This line is also very easy to blend with your own hair. Ultimately, the Royal Remy hair will last longer and is the closest match you can find to completely unprocessed hair. 

I have the Royal Remy. I must say, I am very pleased with how well it blended in with my natural hair! It is amazing to say the least.

Irresistible Me also carry: Ponytails and Highlights (these are basically Royal Remy quality hair extensions but you get to combine any two colors from the ones available.

The Quantity of Hair

All of the hair extensions (no matter the weight you choose) come in 10 pieces: 1 pc of 4 clips (8"), 2 pcs of 3 clips (6"), 5 pcs of 2 clips (4"), and 2 pcs of 1 clip (1.5').

The weight (100g, 140g, 200g) refers to the total weight of the hair you will order without the clips attached. You can also choose the length that you want from the lengths available: 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, and 24 inches.

I used 16"-200g which was more than enough hair for me! I didn't even use it all.

The thickness of the hair is relative to both the weight and the length you choose. For example, a 14 inch-100g piece will look thicker than 24'-100g so keep that balance in mind. The longer the hair, the bigger the weight should be selected. See video below to help you with the selection process.

Ease of Use

This was my very first time installing any type of clip ins into my hair and I found it super easy to do. It took me less than 20 minutes to put them in. And for the most part, I was able to get it right the first time. Not a lot of trial and error. 

Ease of Styling

Irresistible Me says human clip in extensions can be straightened and blow dried, curled, and heat styled along with your normal hair. But, just as you shouldn't let your ceramic straighteners or hairdryer near your own hair without applying a heat protection spray, you should also be sure to spray your clip ins with a heat treatment spray. This protects the hair from the often 200-300 degree temperatures of modern ceramic straighteners without damaging it.

I found it easy to curl my extensions. I used a flat iron and that made the process more difficult for me. It wasn't the hair that made it hard, just the tool that I was using. The hair curled beautifully. 

My Overall Opinion

I absolutely love the Irresistible Me clip ins. They are beautiful and super easy to use! I would recommend these to every body! I have never been big on weave and clip in hair, but I'm big on these for sure!!

Purchase yours HERE!! They have a annual sale going on NOW starting at $129!

Click HERE to watch me use Irresistible Me Clip Ins for the very first time!



  1. I was wondering if there are Clip In Hair Extensions for curly hair. I’m a mixed girl, Mexican and African-American and my case is coming to the point where I can’t hide it anymore. I have hair growing all over my head about 2 to 2 1/2 inches long, while the rest ( about 30%) is still its normal length. I would like to know if this product will also allow me to play sports because I’m a high school athlete and if I can also swim with it. I basically want to know if it’s just like real hair and will these help prevent me from continuing to pull? Thanks!

  2. Clip in hair extension can enhance the quality of the hair as well as the quantity of it. It make your hair voluminous and as it is made of Remy human hair so it looks natural.



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