Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wash Day~June 1, 2014

Brown Girl & I will be in a wedding next weekend and her hair couldn't wait, it needed to be washed now! 

I decided to wash it and twist it up until next weekend. I didn't want to put heat on it twice in a months time. (I already know I will blow dry it next weekend) So I chose to do some quick chunky twist and braid the front a little, video coming soon!

The picture below is how I condition her hair. I detangle it with the conditioner in, then I twist it up, then rinse the conditioner out with the twist still in. It makes it so much easier to style her hair this way.

Watch this short fun clip!

I'll be posting the video soon of how I styled her hair after washing it! Stay tuned!

*Update June 18, 2014* See how I styled her hair HERE!


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