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Mixed Chicks Product Review

Mixed Chicks is marketed  more towards bi-racial children. There product claims to get rid of frizz and define curls.

 Although Brown Girl is NOT biracial, I wanted to give their product line a try simply because I like the deep conditioner. 

**The opinions stated below are solely mine. I purchased the shampoo and leave-in conditioner with my own money. However, the deep conditioner was sent to me, at my request, from Wendy of Mixed Chicks to try and review. I have not been paid in anyway to do this product review.**

Watch me use the products on the video below!
Availability/Price: I purchased the 8oz. shampoo from a local Target for $12.99. 
Ease of use: The use of the product was great. The pump made it easy to access the shampoo.
How does it smell? It has a very light and pleasant sent perfect for kids, it's a soft fruity kinda scent.
Does a little go a long way? No. I used 1/3 of the bottle to get full coverage on my daughters thick hair. That maybe different for a child with fine or thin hair.
Effectiveness: This shampoo got her hair super clean with one wash, but it did make her hair feel very dry. 
What I like about it? I love that it is all natural with no sulfates and that it doubles as bath wash too!
Would I purchase this again? Yes. I was satisfied with how clean it got my daughters hair and scalp. Because I don't wash my daughters hair often, I can probably make one bottle last for at least 6 months. I also like that it's all natural. That gives me an assurance that no harsh chemicals are being used in my daughters hair. I don't mind paying extra for that!

Availability/Price: I purchased the 8oz leave-in conditioner from a local Target for $12.99. 
Ease of use: The use of the product was great. The pump made it easy to access the conditioner.
How does it smell? I almost couldn't smell it. It's a very light and soft scent.
Does a little go a long way? Yes. It didn't take a lot of product to cover all of my daughters hair.
Effectiveness: This conditioner did make my daughters hair soft and added back moisture after the shampoo totally dried it out. However, it did not define her curls.
What I like about it?  I love that it is alcohol and paraben free!
Would I purchase this again? No. Simply because my daughter doesn't wear a wash and go so there is really no need for the leave-in conditioner to rid her hair of frizz or to define her curls. Her hair type (3a-4a), didn't respond to this product in a wash and go kind of way. I would purchase the conditioner instead.

Availability/Price: This product was sponsored by Wendy of Mixed Chicks. The 8oz jar sells for $10.99. 
Ease of use: The use of the product was ok. I didn't like that I had to use my fingers to scoop the product out of the jar. A squeeze bottle would be perfect!
How does it smell? I love the way it smells. It has a nice tropical scent. It smells really good. I could still smell this in my daughters hair many weeks after using it.
Does a little go a long way? Yes, I love that it didn't take much for Brown Girl's or my hair to get coverage.
Effectiveness: I loved the way it made Brown Girl's and my hair very soft and deep conditioned.
What I like about it? EVERYTHING except the jar!
Would I purchase this again? Yes. This is a must have in my hair product stash.

Final Words: Overall, I really like the Mixed Chicks products that I have used so far. Although we are not mixed, I found their products to be suitable for our hair types as well. I am looking forward to trying other products in the adult line on my hair. I can't wait to try the adult leave-in conditioner on my hair this summer for my wash and go. Check back to get my review on that soon!

I also want to let the men in my life try the line for men called HIS Mix (sense they helped me use up my deep conditioner:)!

Mixed Chicks Products

You can purchase Mixed Chicks almost every where!! The website is

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think?
Was this product review helpful for you? 

The only way I'll know is if you leave a comment below.....go ahead, I'll wait!

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  1. I also use mixed chicks even though neither of my children are mixed. I find most of the products are extremely useful and keep there hair in good condition!



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