Thursday, December 12, 2013

As I Am & Curlformers on Natural Girls Hair

This video shows me using As I Am products with curlformers! You can view the written product review here.  It gives more details about the products used and how they effected our hair.



  1. Her hair turned about beautiful with lots of shine. That is impressive to me for her hair to air dry mostly in 4 hours. How did her hair hold up as the style aged?

    1. I kept it moisturized with As I Am doublebutter cream. I put it in 2 ponytials. When the curls got old, I put them in plaits and when i took the plaits out, it looked like a braid out!

  2. i just watched your other video on curlformers,Awesome . i like the way your curls turned out. And your daughter's hair here is so lovely and soft. How do you make natural and really coarse hair very soft to comb through?



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