Thursday, December 19, 2013

Curlformers Review + Giveaway

Giveaway December 19, 2013-January 3, 2014

I think we all know what curlformers are unless you have been living under a rock. Curlformers are a styling tool that offers an easy and fun way to create gorgeous curls without damaging the hair because heat is not required other than to dry the hair if you choose. Curlformers came about in 2008 when Hair Flair Ltd. in conjunction with Sally Beauty Supply launched this cool hair styling accessory.

The video below demonstrates how to use the curlformers and softhood as well as shows the results of my daughter and I using the curlformers on our natural hair.

Tips for using curlformers:

1. For natural girls, after you wash/condition etc. use Lotta Body Setting lotion mixed with water. The amount of water depends on how hard you want your curls to be. The more water you use, the softer the curls will be. This will help your curls hold and last longer OR use As I Am Twist Defining Cream. It produces awesome results. You can see me use it on my daughters hair here.

2. Load both of the rods first, then do 2 at a time. It will make the process go much faster.

3. If your curlformer doesn't curl properly, Don't take the hair out to start over. Run your thumb down the middle of it and release it. It will curl perfectly into place. You can watch our quick how to video here.

4. Keep a spray bottle handy. Curlformers apply smoothly to damp hair.

5. I found that with our thick natural hair, the softhood took a very long time to dry the hair. I suggest the softhood for fine/thin hair.


Long Corkscrew Curlformer Set


Softhood (Dryer not included)

PRIZE: We will be giving away one Long Corkscrew Curlformer set (Retail $58.95) and one Softhood (Retail $15.95) to one winner!
DATES: The giveaway starts on December 19, 2013 and ends on January 3, 2014.

What you must do to win:

You must enter via Rafflecopter below. The first 2 options are mandatory to qualify. The 2 required options are: 1. Subscribe to Brown Girls Hair Youtube Channel. 2. Follow @BrownGirlsHair on Instagram. All of the other options are not required, but the more you do, the better your chances to win. If you choose to tweet, you can do one tweet per day for extra entries. Be sure to include @BrownGirlsHair in your tweets. READY....SET....GO.....
Good Luck!

If you already have curlformers, please share your hair style pictures on our facebook page. We will also share your pictures on our Instagram!

**This giveaway is sponsored by**

**This giveaway is sponsored by**



  1. I would love to see some long lasting styles. Styles that will hold for 2wks. atleast.

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