Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Hair Trim

Over the weekend not only did we wash the twists out of her hair, she also got her hair trimmed on
Saturday. Here is a picture of the results that we took at Walmart while she was doll shopping.

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  1. Gorgeous! I'm doing a trim tomorrow too!! Do you trim after you straightened her hair or when it was in the twists?

  2. Hi Vicki! I don't normally straighten her hair, but because of the condition of her ends, I had to flat iron it so that her trim would be straight.

    1. So how do you dry it after a wash and condition and what kind of style do you put it in? My daughters hair is stiff and her ends are horrible and I think its from heat.

    2. Hi Mia. If her ends are horrible, my first suggestion is to get her hair trimmed. Next I would suggest to put her hair in a style that doesn't require heat like twists, curlformers, flexi rods. You can do all of those styles on wet hair and let them air dry. You can even braid her hair while its wet. If she is experiencing heat damage back away from heat all together for a while to allow her hair to recover.

  3. Her hair is really pretty your tips have been very helpful.



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