Thursday, July 3, 2014

Side Cornrows Tutorial on Natural Girl

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Brown Girls Hair

This is a cute and super easy style that will last for at least a week!

First make a cornrow around her edges. I like to do this to keep her edges neat. This step is optional.

Next make a slanted part and cornrow the hair to the edge and stop. I put a hair clip on to keep the cornrow from unraveling.

Repeat the step above all the way down.

Last take the remaining hair and cornrow it down to the end!

That's it! A quick and simple style that you can repeat all summer long!



  1. This is so cute & simple!!! Even I could do it!!! And I really love you saying how we could repeat allllll summer long!!! Now that's what me with my very tender headed one needs. Lol.

    1. sure to share your pictures with us on instagram!

  2. Oh please tell me where do you get the accessories to put on the bottom of the hair?

    1. I got them at a local beauty supply store.



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