Saturday, August 16, 2014

How to Make a Loon Bracelet Video

Brown Girls Hair

This is Brown Girls 1st official tutorial. She decided that she wanted to do this all by herself! I certainly couldn't help her walk through this one because I still don't know how to make this bracelet! This is her thang! LOL

It was fun directing the video though......she's truly a star in the making!

Items Needed:

Loon Bands
2 Pencils or Pens
Charms (optional)
Tape Measure

Before you begin, measure your wrist (for bracelet) and/or finger (for ring) so that you will know how long to make the bracelet/ring. You don't want it to be too small (tight) or too big (loose).

1. Place pencils side by side.
2. Add 2 loon bands to both of the pencils. See picture below.

Brown Girls Hair

3. Take the band on the bottom of the left pencil and wrap it around the left pencil to the middle.
4. Take the band on the bottom of the right pencil and wrap it around the right pencil to the middle.
5. Add one rubber band and repeat steps 3 & 4.
6. Repeat step 5 until the bracelet is the size of your desire.
7. Add closure that is included in the loon band package.

ALL Done!!

Do the same steps for a ring!

You can find more fun loon patterns HERE!

Have you made a loon bracelet? Let us see it! Tag us on Instagram @browngirlshair or use #BrownGirlsHair Be sure to follow us too!


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