Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stay Fresh with Norforms

feminine hygiene duppositories

When I was growing up many years ago, my Mom didn't talk to me about feminine stuff. Later in life, she told me it was because she was taught that it was something that you just didn't talk about. Most women my age in the black community that I know, Moms had the same mindset. That mindset caused me to have to figure things out on my own. Which wasn't easy at all.

I told myself, if I ever had a daughter, I would talk to her about everything. I would make it common for her and I to have conversations about her period, hygiene, and sex (at the appropriate time of course).

It has made things so easy for my daughter because she has developed very early. She got her cycle at the tender age of 9, one month and a few days before her 10th birthday and she was prepared because we talked about it. I'll share that in another post.

Anyway, although Norforms have been around for a long time, I found out about them about a year ago. I've always had great personal hygiene and when I saw these, I thought wow, I wonder if they work!

They are suppositories that help combat odor internally safely. They come with an applicator that you use to insert them. They are very small but powerful LOL!

You should wear a pantie liner because it dissolves and runs back out. It makes you smell great down there! They have 2 fragrances; Island Escape (my favorite) and Tropical Splash. 12 come in a box. They are Dermatologist and Gynecologist tested. p-H balanced. Hypoallergenic and safe and gentle for everyday use!

I'll probably let my daughter start using these when she turns 13 or so. For now, I'm enjoying not having to share them!!

There is no reason for anyone to be funky these days!! Oh, this is NOT a sponsored post. I just wanted to share some hygiene tips!


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