Thursday, November 14, 2013

How To Use Annie Spiral Rods Tutorial

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Brown Girls Hair

This is a quick tutorial on how to use Annie Spiral Hair Rods. I show how to use them in both directions. The white rods spiral to the left and the blue rods spiral to the right.

I had to do them a couple of times to get adjusted to using them. It seems hard at first, but after a little practice, they are easy to use. Doing this video was my first time using them, that lets you know how fast you can catch on.

Use these on wet hair. I washed and conditioned her hair first. Then I added lotta body setting lotion mixed with water in a spray bottle to her hair. Then I added Shine hair polisher instant repair and put the rollers in her hair. 

**One tip to remember, you have to use the right amount of hair for them to work smoothly. You can't use a large amount of hair in each roller. It has to be a small section of hair.

I love the results and plan to do her whole head with them soon!


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