Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Degree Girl *Just Dance* Deodorant

Hi Girly's,

My daughter, (A'Che') & I were out shopping one day and this bottle of deodorant caught both of our eyes. She has been using deodorant since she was 5 years old and the only brand that I have found to keep both of us dry and odor free has been Degree.

We were so excited to find that Degree has a cool one out that appeals to big girls (tweens)called Just Dance. A'Che' is like most little girls she loves ALL THINGS BLINGY!! What's cool about this one is that it has a little glitter that shows up under her arm. It's not a lot and you can almost barely see it, but it's there! I'm hoping that they add a little more glitter in the future because it's kinda cool!

The most important thing is that it smells great and it keeps her dry and odor free all day long! I thought this was a cool product to share with all of our big and little girls that have to wear deodorant!!

It's awesome that your deodorant can be blinged out too!! LOL


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