Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lip Montlhy *Overview*+ Sneak Peek

Hi Girly's!

I subscribed to Lip Monthly back in December of 2014 and I decided to share with you what I think about it so far. Lip Monthly is a company that charge a monthly fee in exchange for a bag of lip products. I've received 2 bags so far.

*December 2014* Lip Monthly Bag

Pictured above is the December bag. It contained the following products:

Magnolia MakeUP-Lipstick w/Applicator-$15
Milani-Brilliant Shine Gloss-$4.99
LA Girl-Automatic Liner-$5

The total retail value of the December bag was $25.98. Because December was my first month, I used a code to get it for $2.99. The monthly subscriptions start at $10. So if you look at the retail price, you got half off of the products if you purchased them separately for full price. Each month you get a new bag and it comes with a card that list each item that's included and the retail price.

It's not too bad if you like to try different lip products a lot. The item that I use from this bag the most is the Milani-Brilliant Shine Gloss!

*January 2015* Lip Monthly Bag

Items included in the January bag are:

Mica-Lip Color Pot-$14.50
Ecolips-Tinted Balm-$4.49
MMU:Harvey Prince-Fragrance-$12

Total retail price of the January bag is $50.89. Currently, I'm not all that impressed with the items that I have received so far. But I will say that my favorite item in this bag is the Ecolips-Tinted Lip balm. It's pretty good. But everything else is so so. I'm going to give Lip Monthly a few more months to win me over but after that, I'll probably move on to the next big thing!

I'll let you know what I get and you can make a decision on if it's something that you would be interested in trying.


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