Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How a Tween Rocks Faux Leather!!

Hi Girlies!!

I have given my Brown Girl, A Che', a lonnnggg well deserved break! Now we are back at it again in full force!

I am doing an overhaul of the blog to include fashion, beauty, and lifestyle!! I hope the changes that I am making makes it easier to navigate through our blog to find what you need! I'm making all of the changes on my own so it is taking me some time to get everything just the way I like it.

This is our first fashion post of the year. I have found it very difficult to shop for my now tween daughter (age 10). I don't want her to look too old and most of the clothes on the market for her age group and the size she wears look way too old for her.

I have decided to start making (sewing) most of her looks with the help of my Mom. All of the looks won't be sewn by us, but I will be sharing more of my sewing heritage with you in our fashion features. My hope is that those of you who are having the challenge of keeping your daughter in age appropriate clothing find inspiration in her (my daughters) style with Mommy's help!

Her look for today is my favorite skirt pattern by Butterick B4593 made with faux leather, the jacket is also Butterick pattern, the shirt came from Walmart, and the boots from Target.

B4593 fashion girls hair styles
Brown Girls Style

B4593 fashion, girls, hairstyles, tween
Brown Girls Style

Butterick, B4593, fashion, girls, tweens, hair
Brown Girls Style

Butterick, B4593, kids, fashion, girls, tweens, skirt, sew
Brown Girls Style

Butterick, B4593, skirt, fashion, girls, tweens, sew
Brown Girls Style

Fun shots while enjoying her favorite, vanilla milkshake!!


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