Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Top 5 Favorite Inexpensive & Expensive Product Lines

The following are lists of MY favorite inexpensive and expensive product lines. I am listing them in order of the ones I like best. The best are listed first.

My Top 5 Inexpensive Product Lines

  1. TRESemme- I like using their shampoo and especially the conditioner on both my daughter and my hair. It's the best cheap conditioner around. Read more here. The conditioner has more slippage than Suave and leaves our hair soft. You also get more bang (product) for your buck.
  2. Suave- I also like Suave's shampoo and conditioner on both of our heads, but TRESemme is much better to me. 
  3. Smooth N Shine- I use the Curled Up Mousse for my wash and go's when I'm out of the Kimble Curl Revitalizer listed below. I also use the Instant Repair Spray on Polisher when I flat iron my hair.
  4. Garnier Fructis- This is one of the first non-child product lines that I used on my daughters hair. It worked great, especially the conditioner. I don't even recall why I stopped using it.
  5. Just For Me (moisturizing lotion)- This was the first moisturizing lotion that I found to work on my daughters hair when she was 3 years old to give it the shine and moisture that I was looking for at the time....AND the price tag was perfect. I used this to replace using the expensive hair milk by Carol's Daughter below. I haven't tried the other products in this line as of yet. Click here to watch me use it.

Over The Years

My Top 5 Expensive Product Lines

  1. As I Am Naturally-This is my newest found love!! I absolutely love the co-wash in both of our hair. It gives my hair so much body like I had in my perm days! The leave in is awesome. The twist defining cream works well and the smoothing gel is good on both of our heads. I'm looking forward to trying the other products on our hair. I love it so far.
  2. Kimble Beauty- I have not used this product line on my daughters hair, but my hair LOVES it! My favorite product in this line is the Curl Revitalizer. I use it in the summer for my wash and go's. It keeps my hair moist and shiny while providing a light hold to my curl pattern with no flakes! I purchase mine at Target.
  3. Bee Mine Products- I've used several of their products you can read my review here. You can watch me use the moisturizer here. I didn't repurchase the moisturizer because it made her hair soft, but it didn't moisturize it. 
  4. Carol's Daughter-My favorite product in this line was the hair milk. It is the very first product that I found (when my daughter was 2 years old) that work to help me be able to comb through my daughters thick course hair. I remember like yesterday how excited I was the very first time that I used it on her hair. Priceless! I stopped using it because it was too expensive.
  5. Cara B Naturally- This is a really good product line for babies and toddlers because it is all natural, tear free, and was created with them in mind. We did a review on this product line here. It worked well on my daughters hair and she loved it because it didn't burn her eyes lol! I used this line to do this twist out!
This is my opinion of the products that work best for my daughter and I. Your list may be different and that's fine. Different products work for different heads, especially dealing with natural hair.

**If a product is not on the list, it's because #1- I haven't tried it or #2-It didn't work for us.

Do you use any of the products on our lists? Are any of them your favorites too?



  1. My 3yr olds hair will not hold any moisture. It looks and feels very dry. I have to either braid it weekly or put water and oil on it daily in order to style. Her ends are very bad. Please help

    1. I've been reading your blog for a while and just recently found this product called Ms Honey Child Hair Cream. It's been working wonders on my daughter who is 2yrs old hair. I plan on possibly doing a review on it after I've used it for a while. So far so good with it. I live in very dry CO where it seems like all the moisture is sucked right out of your hair and this works.



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