Monday, October 21, 2013

Natural Baby Hair Care

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Brown Girl with Dad 

Lately, I've had a lot of people asking me about hair care for their baby. It's such a joy and a blessing to give birth to a beautiful healthy baby! There is so much to celebrate, yet so much to do. Giving birth is over now it's time for the real work, being a Mom!

If you are a first time Mom, you are happy but now that the baby is here, you may have tons of questions on what to do? You worry about doing all the right things because you want the very best for your bundle of joy!

Well let me tell you, hair should be the least of your concerns with your newborn. Yes, you should wash and care for your babies hair to avoid cradle cap etc, but you shouldn't be overwhelming yourself with too much concern over your babies hair.

Why? because your baby is changing and growing so fast, I think you should be enjoying those moments. The first smile, the first time they say mommy or daddy, you know all of those milestones that they have in the first year of life.

Brown Girl with Mom on her Birthday!

Your babies hair is going to change just like everything else during the first few years. You don't yet know the hair type of your baby because the "real" hair isn't there yet. Yes, it may fall out, yes it's common for babies to get bald spots in the back where they lay on it. Don't worry about that, it will grow back. I promise! :)

If you are looking for a good hair product line to use on your newborn, I recommend Cara B Naturally because it's all natural, tear free, and made for kids of all ethnicity's. I reviewed it here.

Trust me, when your baby quickly becomes a toddler, that's when you should start looking more in dept into hair stuff. Until then, enjoy your baby!! They don't stay that way long! Take it from a Mom of 4, That's what I did!

baby hair care, natural hair, black baby hair care
Brown Girl at 1 month old!


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