Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Weekend Box Braids

Brown Girls Hair

As I stated in our October Hair Goals, I had a close family friend name Thalia ,that I refer to as my sister, to put box braids in my Brown Girls Hair. She did them on this past Friday night. It took about 6 hours including a few 10 minute breaks. I got the part inspiration from Tweeny Hair Blog. She's not blogging anymore : (.....I miss her!

I am so thankful to Thalia for doing these for me.....I will be having her braid my daughters hair all of the time now. :)! She has given me some great tips on how to keep Brown Girls Hair in tip top shape. I will be sharing all of them with you.

I plan to keep her hair in these box braids for at least 3 weeks, more if possible. I am going to do a style series on her box braids that you can watch on our channel as well as here. I am so excited because I have come up with some very unique ideas along with some styles that were inspired by some of my favorite youtube natural hair guru's.

I would have posted this on last Friday or Saturday, but I wasn't feeling too well and had to take a little time to nurse myself. I really ain't got time to be sick!

Anyway, stay tuned for the box braid series that will start next week and don't forget to share your Brown Girls Hair styles with us on facebook.  Please follow us on Instagram @BrownGirlsHair and Use #BrownGirlsHair and we will feature your pictures on there and here ---------->>>>> in the sidebar!! Look at all of the cute Brown Girls Hair rocking our instagram page!!

Check out the video of her getting the box braids HERE!

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