Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wash Day Updated 2015

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Brown Girls Hair

Products Used:
Kera Care *Natural Textures* Hydrating Detangling Shampoo
Kera Care *Natural Textures* Leave In Conditioner
Knot Genie Brush

This is an updated video on our wash day routine. The only thing that has really changed is the products that I use (Kera Care) and use of the Knot Genie Brush. I do wash her hair more often now that she's older and her body is going through changes. I wash it about every 3 weeks. So that's once a month or so.

I still separate her hair into 4 sections first. Sometimes I wash it while in 3 strand plaits or 2 strand twists. Lately, I just wash each section to make sure I get it very clean. I like to use leave in conditioner and finger detangle while applying it. Then I brush through with my Knot Genie brush.

Our hair really loves Kera Care products so I'm sure this is what we will be using for a while.

I have an updated blow dry video coming next week and a flat iron video posting soon too. I'm sure I will do an updated Twist video using Kera Care products this spring/summer. I can't wait to do that!!

Oh, I also have a trim video posting soon too. Until next post, happy styling!!



  1. I thought you were only washing every 3 months. What made you change?

    1. I'm changing as her hair and body changes. She has recently started going through puberty and that is bringing about changes in everything. As a result, I see the need to wash it a little more often then her younger years.



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